French Pavilion, World Expo 2010

Shanghai, China

Architect: Jacques Ferrier arquitectures

Completed: 2010

Jean Paul Planchon;
Jacque Ferrier arquitectures/Luc Boegly

IIDA Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award of Excellence for Interior Lighting Design, 2011

George Sexton Associates provided interior and exterior lighting design services for all spaces of this international pavilion. The concept of the façade lighting grew from the metaphor of travel and luxury implied by a cruise ship at dock, which the team felt represented the context of the building near a river and amongst other pavilions.  Inside, metal halide downlights provided pools of light on the floor enabling circulation through an exhibition of projected images, demonstrations, and interactive areas.  A separate compact fluorescent system provided cleaning, security and emergency lighting after hours. The gallery lighting corresponded to the architecture of spaces dedicated to the themes of the five senses culminating in seven masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay.